This database was largely inspired by Michael Pollen's How to Change Your Mind. After reading this book I was persuaded that psychedelics are at the very least unfairly stigmatized, and deserve to be investigated in the same way as other drugs, and could potentially be of huge benefit to large portions of the population. I highly recommended this book.

After a ban on research in the 1970s, there is now a resurgence in studying these drugs. Universities such as Johns Hopkins and Harvard are researching these drugs under tightly-controlled lab settings.

Promising results on the potential of these drugs have started to come in. There have been studies researching their impact on addictions, including dependence on alcohol and opioids. The founder of Alcoholics Anonymous believed LSD could help members achieve sobriety.

They are also being used to treat depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder for military veterans, and those with End of Life Anxiety (such as sufferers with a terminal cancer diagnosis).

Psychedelics have also been used for spiritual enhancement for thousands of years.

I felt a need to organize the existing academic knowledge on psychedelic studies and make them easily filterable.

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